Separator of Smiling Pistachios from Closed-Mouthed Ones

3) Separator of Smiling Pistachios from Closed-Mouthed Ones (Akhavan 450): Akhavan 450 Pistachio Separator with a nominal capacity of at least 450 kilograms per hour has the capability to separate smiling pistachios from closed-mouthed ones. The device's characteristics include the following: The intended device is equipped with a mesh connected to the cylinder to separate dust, dirt, and small pistachios accompanying the main pistachios before entering the cylinder, which ensures the device's cleanliness and increases its efficiency. The device's hopper is separate from the cylinder and is connected using a connector. The input height of the hopper is 110 cm. The internal lifting conveyor within the hopper is optimally designed, preventing any damage to the kernel and pistachio, thus avoiding kernel breakage. The output of the pistachio is designed in such a way that it can be connected to a bag or placed under a pistachio transport wagon. Safety measures have been foreseen in the device to minimize unintended accidents.