Pistachio Cracker and Separator for Split Open Pistachios

Akhavan Pistachio Cracker 1000 The Akhavan Pistachio Cracker 1000, with a nominal capacity of 1000 kilograms per hour, has the capability to separate cracked pistachio from uncracked ones. The machine's features include: The machine includes a mesh connected to the cylinder to separate debris, dust, and small pistachios from the main pistachios before they enter the cylinder. This design ensures machine cleanliness and increases its efficiency. The machine's hopper is separate from the cylinder and connected through a connector. The entry height of the hopper is 115 cm. The elevator conveyor inside the hopper is optimized in a way that it doesn't cause any damage to the kernels and pistachios, preventing pistachio breakage. The output of the cracked pistachios is designed to allow the attachment of a bag or the placement of a pistachio transport wagon underneath. Safety measures have been incorporated into the machine design to minimize unintended accidents.